Express Cafe

Made to Order

This bright, breezy food counter is a destination for breakfast and lunch at Shades of Green. 

Just downstairs from the Main Lobby, near where the busses leave for the theme parks, Express Café is an ideal spot to enjoy a fresh sandwich, flaky pastry, muffin or fresh-squeezed orange juice.  Flat screens full of Disney cartoons and comfortable seating near our signature waterfall make an inviting place to grab a quick bite or linger a while as you review your day’s plans. 

Be sure to give yourself enough time if you’re stopping by Express Café on your way to the busses. Everything at Express Café is quick, but it’s all still made to order. We don't want you to miss your ride! It’s still pretty easy to grab a fresh-made yogurt parfait, fresh-squeezed orange juice, or PB&J for the kids, though. There’s also coffee, smoothies, milk, soft drinks, and more that pack easily and cost less than you might find later on.