Local & Property Projects

Shades of Green Roof Replacement Project

The Shades of Green Roof Replacement Project is slated to start in mid-January 2024. To minimize disruption to our guests, this project will be executed in phases, with work taking place in different sections of the hotel at different times. This approach will allow us to maintain a comfortable and enjoyable environment for our guests throughout the duration of the project.  It is anticipated to be completed by October 2025.


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World Drive Expansion Project

Starting Monday, May 1, 2023, the World Drive Expansion Project will begin between Shades of Green and the Grand Floridian Resort.  The walkway from our hotel to the Polynesian Village Resort will no longer be accessible.

We're adding extra buses to the Transportation and Ticket Center route, so you can still easily get to your destination.

If you prefer to use your own vehicle, you can still do so, but please note that you will be responsible for the parking fee at the theme parks.  Alternatively, you could use a ride-sharing service like UberLyft, or the Minnie Van™ service connected by Lyft - all available within the Walt Disney World Resort


Polynesian Walkway Closure FAQ

1. Will the walkway closure be temporary during the road construction or permanent?

No, the walkway closure will be permanent. At its conclusion the World Drive expansion will be a four lane highway with no crosswalk.

2. How long will the construction project take? 

It’s projected to be completed in 2027.

3. Can’t we just walk alongside the road to access the Polynesian?

No, the sidewalk will be removed from the Polynesian side as well. For safety reasons, security will not permit guests to exit or enter property on foot through the driveways.

4. I want to visit the Polynesian, how can I get there now? 

If you have a dining reservation: 

• You can drive and park for free at the Polynesian 

• Take SOG bus to TTC and walk to the Polynesian

• Take SOG bus to TTC and take the resort monorail to the Polynesian

• Use a rideshare service (Lyft, Uber, or MinnieVan)

If you do not have a dining reservation: 

• Take SOG bus to TTC and walk to the Polynesian

• Take SOG bus to TTC and take the resort monorail to the Polynesian

• Use a rideshare service (Lyft, Uber, or MinnieVan)

5. Can I still use transportation at the Polynesian to get around Disney?

Yes, you can take our bus to the TTC and access the various transportation options that the Polynesian offers (buses, resort monorail, boats, etc.)

STEP 1: SOG bus to the TTC – approx. 7 min travel time

STEP 2: 

• Resort Monorail TTC stop: join the line – approx. 2 min walk

• For Disney Parks Bus Access: Walk from TTC to Polynesian Bus Stop – approx. 5 min walk

• For Boats to Magic Kingdom or Resort Monorail Polynesian stop: walk from TTC to Polynesian Great Ceremonial House – approx. 8 min walk

6. With the sidewalk closure I’d prefer to stay elsewhere, but I’m stuck because I’m within 5 days of arrival.

We hope it’s not the case, however, any guests who had confirmed reservations prior to this announcement (April 4, 2023) and wish to cancel will not be assessed a cancellation fee.

Important Numbers

Bell Stand / Valet  x1401
Front Desk            0
Housekeeping       x1116
Lost & Found         x6760
Magnolia Spa        x7727
Reservations         x3600
Room Service        x6121
Sales Office           x6257
Security                 x1458
Ticket Office          x1403

In an Emergency please dial 911 from your room phone so our security team is alerted.