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Front Desk

Upon Arrival

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Shades of Green to start your memorable vacation off right. If you drove your own vehicle, you’ll get a hang-tag at the gate to display throughout your stay. Driving past the gate up to the main entrance, you’ll see trees and expansive golf course views all around. The large rocky structure and waterfall to your left signals the main hotel entrance on the top level. Please pull up to the porte cochere first to have the Bell Desk representative help with your bags, valet park your car if you like (for an additional fee) and help you get to the Front Desk, just inside to your right.

Check-in is at 3 p.m. If you happen to arrive early, that’s no problem. We’ll be glad to tag and stow your bags until your room is ready. Kids will also enjoy a special screening area showing Disney favorites and seats that are just their size next to the check-in area.

For the check-in process, be sure you have your military identification card available. You’ll need it to verify your eligibility and get your Resort I.D., allowing you access to all of Shades of Green’s dining, transportation, tickets and other amenities. If you’re a sponsored guest, your sponsor must be with you to check-in at the same time to receive your Resort I.D. as well. Also, please be aware that we will place a hold of $25 per day on your credit card so you can access room-charging privileges during your stay.

If you’ve arranged to reserve a stroller or scooter for your stay, or find that you would like to reserve one once you’ve arrived, the Bell Desk can help you pick it up or drop it off, as well. They’re located at the entrance, just outside the Front Desk area.

Please note that even though we do not participate in Disney’s Magical Express transportation to or from the airport, we do have a service that makes your return trip to the airport a little easier. We can check you in for your return flight, check your bags and take them back to the airport for you for free.  Just register 24 hours in advance at the Bell Desk located in the Porte Cochere. Your bags will get right on your flight without you having to haul them anywhere, and you’ll already have your boarding passes in hand. When you check out at the end of your stay, come to the Bell Desk and they can help you with the rest. Checkout is 11 a.m.

Firearms  Policy

Firearms are not allowed at Shades of Green. Weapons may not be carried, kept in guestrooms, secured in guestroom safes, nor stored in vehicles while at Shades of Green. If you arrive with any weapon or firearm, you are required to declare it and turn it in to our Security Department upon arrival on property. Notify a Front Desk agent, and a Security Officer will meet you at the porte-cochere to receive the weapon. The weapon owner will be required to ensure the weapon is not loaded (clear) in front of the Security Officer; this will be done in the Bell Desk area, out of the view of our other guests. The Security Officer will give you a receipt for the weapon. The weapon will be taken to the Shades of Green Security Center and locked in a weapons cabinet for safe keeping until checkout. The weapon owner will keep any ammunition. On your day of departure, please contact the Front Desk or the Security Center (extension 1458) at least one hour before check out to allow a Security Officer time to return the weapon.