April 07, 2020 3:58pm



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Manginos Kitchen

Bistro to Go

If you’re hungry for more than a snack, but don’t want to head out for a full restaurant dining experience, Bistro to Go has you covered. Available as either take-out or room service (for an 18% delivery fee) Bistro to Go menu selections include pizzas, starters, salads, sandwiches and entrées like pasta or steak. Kids’ menu options are also value-priced and make sure the whole family is set. Grown-ups can even order beer or wine to go with your meal, and either take it back to your room or have it delivered as well. It doesn’t get much easier to treat yourself along with the whole family.

Please note, you’ll have to make your take-out orders in person at the Bistro to Go desk, located between Mangino’s and Garden Gallery on the Lower Level.



Bisto to Go, Late Night Menu and Room Service will not be available begining March 18, 2020

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