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Swimming Pool

Swimming Pools


SPRING/ SUMMER (March- August)

Mill Pond Pool/ Splash Park: 10am- 10pm

Magnolia Pool/ Hot Tub: 10am - 10pm


FALL (September- November)

Mill Pond Pool/ Splash Park: 11am - 9:30pm

Magnolia Pool/ Hot Tub: 12pm - 9:3pm


WINTER (December- February)

Mill Pond Pool/ Splash Park: 11am - 7:30pm

Magnolia Pool/ Hot Tub: 12pm - 9:00pm


LAP SWIMMING HOURS (Mill Pond Pool Only)


Monday- Friday: 11am - 2pm

Saturday- Sunday: 11am - 1pm



Monday- Friday: 10am - 1pm

Saturday- Sunday: 10am - 12pm

Family vacations and swimming pools go hand in hand. And, when those pools are big, active, and extra splashy, that’s the stuff that fun family memories are made of. Shades of Green has two different pools and a hot tub. Both the Magnolia Pool and Mill Pond Pool are heated for year-round enjoyment and have accessible-friendly features like pool lifts and ADA-compliant furniture to accommodate wheelchairs and those with special needs. Both pools also have self-serve towels and swim vests for kids. Just check with the lifeguards if you have any questions. 

While you’re there, be sure to check in with the lifeguard to get your wristband so you can ride on the Mill Pond Pool water slide. You must be at least 47 inches tall to use the water slide at the Mill Pond Pool. Everybody 47 inches – 60 inches tall will need a wristband to access the slide.